Road Rash (2006) [X360/PS3 – Cancelled]

Road Rash (2006) [X360/PS3 – Cancelled]

A new game in the Road Rash series was in development by EA Warrington in 2006, but the project was soon cancelled and the studio was closed. The game was probably in early development when it was canned and only an animation pre-viz was found to preserve its existance. As Tiffany Steckler of EA explained to

The UK  Studio has decided to reinforce its development base by bringing the creative teams from disparate locations into one place. […] The idea is to have those people who are working in the North West Studio in Warrington closer geographically to Guildford and Chertsey, to help build a more cohesive entity, to have better synergy across teams, better career opportunities and better sharing of tools and libraries

It’s still possible that the Road Rash concept created at EA Warrington could be resurrected sometime in the future in the “bigger” EA UK studio.



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13 thoughts on “Road Rash (2006) [X360/PS3 – Cancelled]

  1. Styrophoamicus

    Man that’s a shame it got cancelled. I’ve been waiting for a new Road Rash for years, and this one looked freaking awesome.

  2. pcloadletter

    Wow it could’ve been a proper follow up if developed this way. Nice throwback to the old jumps and landing on people. I wonder how it would’ve handled the wrecks.

  3. Gallo

    we have the next generation video games consoles, but sometimes road rash comes to our memory,
    wish we could play it again

  4. OMFG!

    OMG! I have the greatest and best momments with my son when he was little playing this game. Makes me cry when I think about it. Been looking for a PS3 version of this game :(

  5. Scott A

    The car wasn’t painted because it was just a modeled demo of the game. The least amount of work needed to show the game’s ability. Almost all professional game designers create videos like this to gauge interest from upper-management and to get more resources in going further. Too bad this game didn’t get completed, it would have done great.

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