RS Links: the unseen Syndicate prototypes

RS Links: the unseen Syndicate prototypes


Robert Seddon has made us to notice an interview that Inc Gamers had with Sean Cooper, creator of Syndicate, a real time strategy / shooter that was released in 1993 for PC and various consoles. The article mentions various prototype Syndicate sequels that were never released, though it doesn’t have much information about them. As we can read:

During his time at EA, Cooper claims he saw a few demo builds of a new Syndicate title and was unimpressed.

“One of [the prototypes] … it was something about using different senses. Something was leaving a scent and the agents were following it. I remember seeing them demo it in a conference room and thinking ‘what are they trying to achieve? what are they doing?'”

We can only wonder if one of those protos could have been the Syndicate game that was in development for the PS2. For now only few artworks of the PS2 version are preserved, but we still did not see any in-game screenshots from it or from the other unseen Syndicate projects.

Thanks to Robert Seddon for the link!

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      Thanks for the link Robert :) Sooner or later i’ll find someone that could update the PC section for me, as i’m already too busy with all those unseen games for consoles ;|

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