Rocket Power: Zero Gravity Zone [PS2/GC/XBOX – Cancelled]

Rocket Power: Zero Gravity Zone [PS2/GC/XBOX – Cancelled]

Rocket Power: Zero Gravity Zone is a cancelled “skateboard game” that was in development at Visionscape Interactive in 2002 / 2003 for the Xbox, Playstation 2 and GameCube. It was the “spiritual successor” to Rocket Power: Beach Bandit, a game based on an american cartoon with the same name. In september 2009, Borman from Superior Version was able to win an auction for an early alpha version of the Zero Gravity Zone: you can find more screenshots and info in here!

Thanks to Borman for the contribution!



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One thought on “Rocket Power: Zero Gravity Zone [PS2/GC/XBOX – Cancelled]

  1. KuronoToriga

    I played the display beta of this at Target once!!! I did the snowboarding course. You were on top of this mountain, then, you would jump down, and start snowboarding. The controls were a bit frustrating, IIRC.

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