P.I.D. [PC/Amiga – Unreleased]

P.I.D. [PC/Amiga – Unreleased]

P.I.D. (Private Investigator Dollarally) was a top-down driving/adventure game created by Finnish developers Terramarque (now known as Housemarque), set for release on the PC in December 1994. It may also have been intended for release on the Amiga, considering the developer’s history of developing for the system. For unknown reasons, the game was cancelled.

The single screenshot of the game in its preview in Games World Issue 6 shows that the game used a similar visual style to the early Grand Theft Auto games, and the description suggests that the open-ended structure was similar too; players assumed the role of a private investigator trying to survive and make money while avoiding the police in the fictional land of Muhmulandia.



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    That’s really interesting. I didn’t know there were gta type games before gta. I didn’t know that you posted here anymore, your earthworm jim info’s the reason I joined this site.

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