Avalon [X360 – Prototype]

Avalon [X360 – Prototype]

Avalon was an early prototype for a third person squad based shooter (that somehow reminds me of Outtrigger) that was in development in 2004 at Climax Studios for the (not yet released) Xbox 360. The project was probably being worked on the original Xbox development kit (or some early X360 ones) but it was soon cancelled for unknow reasons.

Thanks to Hey Hey for the contribution!


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2 thoughts on “Avalon [X360 – Prototype]

  1. Matt

    I play tested this back in 2004.
    Climax Studios was about 5 mins from where I lived so I ended up working there briefly.
    Avalon was a fun game. Way before the MMO console wargames that exist now, it was exciting to play with an office full of 20 other people. I also got to play it on the 360 before it was announced. That was really cool as a teenager.
    I was always sad it got cancelled but these things happen.
    I also learned a lot about the culture of game making. There were some very interesting characters. Some good, some not so much.

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