Iron Construct [XBOX – Cancelled]

Iron Construct [XBOX – Cancelled]

A misterious project also know as “The Great Steam War” and “Blip and the Great Machine”, that was in development by 1Up Studios for the original XBOX, but after a while it just vanished without traces. Not much is know about the gameplay, but it seems that the player could have been able to control a “robot constructor” and to build parts of the levels to resolve puzzles. Iron Construct was cancelled when the studio closed down.


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3 thoughts on “Iron Construct [XBOX – Cancelled]

  1. dude

    Logic based puzzle games (like i think this was ment to be) are always great fun…not sure how they sell though.

    1. Cormac Russell

      We thought it would find a market as a quirky action platform, there were enemies to fight in addition to the puzzles to solve.

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