Black Sun [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

Black Sun [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

Black Sun was a concept for a new third person shooter / action game set in the space, that was in development by The Collective Studios in 2003. When in 2005 The Collective merged with Backbone Entertainment, BlackSun vanished without traces. The game was cancelled for unknow reasons, but probably they did not find a publisher interested in the project.



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3 thoughts on “Black Sun [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

  1. Dave

    I wonder did anyone who worked on this go on to work on EA’s Dead Space, the gun the main character is holding is very reminiscent of the one in Dead Space & the monsters run along not too dissimilar lines too.

    Though Dead Space started life on the Xbox too before jumping to PS3/X360.

    1. monokoma Post author

      I’m not sure, maybe they just look similar because… well, most games (and films) set in a space-control-station looks similar ;)

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