Finally leaked! Tiny Toon Adventures [PS2 by Treasure]

Finally leaked! Tiny Toon Adventures [PS2 by Treasure]

Do you remember Tiny Toon Adventures: Defenders of the Universe? It was an interesting 4 Players brawl / fighting game that was in development by Treasure, and even if the Tiny Toon brand could turn you away, dont be fooled: this game was going to be a “spiritual” successor to Rakugaki Showtime, one of the most fun (and rare) Treasure games! So, was TTA as much fun as the original Rakugaki? You can find out by yourself: thanks to linlhutz from the Lost Levels Forum, this game was finally leaked and it can now be played and preserved! Huge props to him!

You can read the original topic at the LLForum and download the leaked Tiny Toon Adventures beta in here or here (Thanks to X-Cult for the mirror). If you are not able to play this one, you can look at a series of  videos (with some framerate issues because of the emu) thanks to ChibiTeinko, check his Youtube Channel.


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