Zelda: Link’s Awakening “Beta Quest” / LSD World video

Zelda: Link’s Awakening “Beta Quest” / LSD World video

In the original GameBoy version of Link’s Awakening, if you press SELECT when you are moving in the field from a “game screen” to another and if you do this correctly, you can be warped through the end of the next “game screen” and sometimes NPC and Items are warped with Link. If you do this trick in the Fishing Spot (going down from where the fisherman is), the fisherman will be warped on the top of a tree in the next “game screen”. If you talk to him, it will start the “fishing game” but you will be warped in a weird/glitched world (in some ways similar to the Ocarina Of Time “Beta Quest”, but this is not really that much “beta-related”). In there you can find lots of weird stuff, more items (Level 3+ Power Bracelet!) and sometimes people that you can talk to. I think that the dialogues were randomly taken from the game text. Take a look at the video and have fun!


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