The Thing 2 [Cancelled – XBOX PS2]

The Thing 2 [Cancelled – XBOX PS2]

The Thing was a third person survival horror game, based to John Carpenter’s 1982 film The Thing. It was developed by Computer Artworks and released for PS2, XBOX and PC in 2002. A sequel, The Thing 2, was in development by the same team, but it was later cancelled when the company closed down.


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Liam Robertson

20 thoughts on “The Thing 2 [Cancelled – XBOX PS2]

  1. Flach

    Damn ! I really loved the first one ! Me and my friend were playing the first game about 25-30 times, seriosly ! this is sad news for both of us.. At least, they could send us a beta version or something if it were possible…

    : Filip and Kristoffer from Sweden

    1. monokoma

      It seems that they worked for a year on The Thing 2 and there should be at least a playable demo.. maybe in the future someone will be able to preserve it and share with the community


    DANG! i had NO FREAKIN IDEA a sequel was already in development….WHAT A FREAKIN SHAME MAN!!! would have had so much potential..I hope at least a sequel is made for the original movie..SOON!

  3. Captain Black Jack


  4. Connor

    YES Do it for PS3 with updated graphics, they could handle even more now.
    This was turning into the best sequel ever, what happened?
    I really think it should be called The Thing 3 though, since the first game was the sequel.
    Atleast turn it into a movie or something.

    So many games now have been inspired by the ideas that this game and movie set up, they need to finish

  5. Cerion

    i agree with all these post, i have been waiting since 2002 for a sequel. i honestly don’t care what system the thing 2 would be introduced on, i would prefer xbox 360 but hey i just wanna see it made…

    if gamemakers could add some extra things like more guns, easier controlling, bad ass graphics, keep the same concept, and maybe add some co-op online play/ storyline…its a hit you can’t forget!THE THING 2 (cold survival) lol i could see a name like that.

  6. Chen Lin

    I love this game… (The Thing 1) especially the bots is dumb and react on how you treat them.. cool yeah

  7. Chen Lin

    Sorry mistake,

    I love this game… (The Thing 1) especially the bots is not dumb and react on how you treat them.. cool yeah :P

  8. swetha

    Omg….ths is one of the best game ive ever played and mayb the best survival horror game in pc…its a shame tht computer artworks disbanded…hope tht konami & vivendi universal gets full stakes on the thing and continue with the project….

  9. captn

    omg wtf,why they cancel it,and why someone else didnt pick up the work..lost in who owns the rights again,dam bureaucracy

  10. Anonymous

    que lastima yo queria vicear con la cosa 2 pero por desgracia no lo van a hacer . ojala en el futuro saquen la cosa 2 …

  11. bill

    the thing (the first the thing game) would of been better if a few things were done:

    1) more realistic graphics, graphics relaistic enough to make you crap your self.
    2) the player could jump to avoid the little thing monsters
    3) had multiplayer (a must for all games, it’s more fun to play against human players then CPU players) with the option of survival mode where one player starts out as the thing and must hunt and infect the other players to win the game.
    4) first person view. third person is way to damn easy, first person is where all the suspense is since you have to always watch your back which of course makes it harder but st the same time more scary.


    Why they cancel ….!!!!!! I play with this game since 2002 in ps2 now I order one for Pc .. I really love The thing , I hope same people make the same game in the futures . thank you……

  13. Алексей

    хорошая игра!проходил не раз!тоже думал что будут ее переводить на новый уровень!!

  14. Алексей

    хорошая игра!проходил не раз!тоже думал что будут ее переводить на новый уровень!!

  15. Kirby

    Hey man why did they cancel it i was really looking forward to playing the thing 2
    I think they should redo it and produce it for x box 360 and ps3

  16. Trackerson

    If it’s still around it could be ported and finished for a handheld console at least. So many great projects being cancelled and crap shoveled on the market. Crowdfund it or something. Since game publisher corporations are run by idiots so we can’t rely on them. It’s either independent work or nothing at all.

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