Jet Set Radio [Wii – Cancelled Concept]

Jet Set Radio [Wii – Cancelled Concept]


In 2006 Kuju Entertainment with the help of concept artist  Corey S. Lewis created a pitch for a new Jet Set Radio game that would have been developed for the Wii, and tried to propose the project to SEGA. Unfortunately it seems that SEGA was not interested in Kuju’s concept and so the game was never made. Only few concept arts remain from the JSR Wii pitch and probably not much more was done by the team.

Thanks to Guru Larry for the contribution!


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30 thoughts on “Jet Set Radio [Wii – Cancelled Concept]

    1. Preston Big-Faced Hower

      They coulda made it then all wii fans could play it instead of wastin more money than before

  1. Marie

    i hate how dumb video game people can be nowadays. A new JSR for anything would be awesome, espically for Wii (No offense, but they need better games)

  2. Nig

    oh, but they thought Sonic and the secret rings and sonic and the black knight were good ideas, STUPID SEGA!

  3. Arianna

    i need a new JSR!
    cant play my oters cause theyre all out of date and the systems r old!
    nintendo n sega r so dumb! they make such boring games 4 little kids! gosh!!! my life of videogames is ruiend!
    first fatal frame 4 is canceled now this!!!! ugh!

  4. d

    its obvious why they released games like “sonic and the fairy princess” but not this game….the jet set franchise had always been a ‘contentous’ issue to sega because the characters used spray paint, they had to plaster warning labels on the games like “DONT ACTUALLY DO THIS IRL”, im sure some of the goon execs at sega were all, “you know this game would probably be successful, but if we have kids emulating a spray-painting motion with their wii controllers, a clever lawyer can probably hold us accountable should that person ever spray graffiti in real life. so let’s not even go there”. so, this is probably why

  5. The King

    why would they cancel this game??? sega produced shadow the hedgehog for god sakes! that game sucked! this game is one of the best games i have ever played. u play it once and you are immediatly hooked on it.

  6. Alex999139

    Honestly, I always liked Corn better than Tab.
    I think a hypothetical Jet Set Radio 3 (if you count Grind for the GBA as just a remake of the Dreamcast Grind) should have more of Future’s artwork, but more of Grind’s gameplay style.
    Spraying in Future is too easy. Just tap the trigger, and you’re done?

  7. realmckoy13

    im so pissed off that they wont make jet set radio 3 if they do it will prob run out on the first day

  8. Aceee130

    Listen guys SEGA has many titles they cannot talk about right now, but SEGA is going to try to revive the old DC titles by next Summer I do not work for SEGA but lets just say a little birdie told me about this.

  9. Anonymous

    Oddly enought there keeping JSR going by putting beat in pointless games like Sega tennis (wow sega..just wow) And all star racing but still Go with what the people want!!!

  10. RedEyeWolf

    I still don’t now why do they make such a wus.
    And the problem is not Sonic I men come on guys.
    And they rather make another Super Monkey Ball for the 3DS.
    Maybe they cot carry away of the “children’s priority” or something.
    Sorry of my bad english.

  11. kylen

    i think the gaming industry has gone down hill after all/most anticipated games are shooters. I think a new jet set radio with a good background story would be good. Also kinect for xbox would really make a jsr game fun… oh well who knows

  12. Segalove

    Jet Set if awesome. i saw it would more fun on the wii. your remote can be the spray can! i may be called segalove, but i have no love for SEGA if they won’t make this game!

  13. Malman

    I wish the make it but it’s not our chose. There might be a group of people who like this game but the gaming industry wants to please lots of people. Correct me if I’m wrong but there isn’t enough people who like this game.

  14. Leaf Pai Long

    Sweet monkey Jesus on a Dragon! That concept art is awesome.

    *Cries tears of sadness* Why no JSRF sequel? Why!?

    *Goes back to unlocking people in JSRF*

  15. Max

    They cancelled this? Over Sonic and the Black Knight? This is what I hate about the gaming industry sometimes. Developers like Sega don’t want to take risks anymore, it’s all about the cash, not the fans. If it’s not a guaranteed moneymaker like Sonic, they trash it. I swear, when my company takes off, i’m not gonna stifle my own creativity just because my idea isn’t a guaranteed hit. You never know that for sure, so why not just try?

  16. WTH!

    If they made another JSRF,BILLIONS of people would’ve bought it!!
    They’re going to make some of the shittiest games in the future,no one will buy them.Then they’re going to be shut down because they’re the fucking retards making them!They know billions of people would love the game,they’ge just got money up their asses and they don’t have brains.
    Damn idiots

  17. Beard

    my god

    You guys are idiots. Also, the Tab art makes him appear to be…a homeless hobo? Other stuff is great, though, but how did Professor K revert back to his younger age?

    Anyways, guys, JSRF and JSR did NOT sell well. At all. They got good reviews, but good reviews doesn’t earn you money, cash does.

    If I sell my dog’s piss for 5 dollars a cup, and millions of people buy it, I’m rich. It tastes bad, but people bought it.

    If I sell real lemonade and it’s delicious, great. But only…10 people buy it, for some reason, so I decide I rather sell the dog piss because everyone buys it, no matter what.

    They’re both GREAT, amazing games, but I think this will be much better fitting for the Wii U.

    Here goes to more hope, I suppose. They are coming out with this JSR:HD port because they want to experiment. Maybe now IS a better time to sell this game, so this is a test. They’re putting it out on 3 platforms because more sales! Just buy the game a lot, to prove we want more Jet Set Radio action. It’s being advertised decently now, and they’re putting an extreme amount of effort into this. I mean, they took their time to get the song contracts back, so they’re trying with this.

    God speed, Jet Set Radio. And good luck.


  18. FatalSyndrome

    Goes to show that SEGA has become a complete trash heap of a company when they release trash sonic games every year (generations excluded), but refuse to revive great gems like this. Don’t give me the bs that it supports graffiti vandalism either when gta 5 exists from rockstar. Stop it SEGA, get some help.

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