Icarus [Wii – Concept / Prototype]

Icarus [Wii – Concept / Prototype]


‘Icarus’ was the working title an attempted Kid Icarus revival project in development at Factor 5, Inc. for Nintendo Wii. The game was a third person shooter with flight combat elements. It was developed between March 2007 – March 2008, when Nintendo eventually decided not to move forward with development on a full game.




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Liam Robertson

23 thoughts on “Icarus [Wii – Concept / Prototype]

  1. James Redfield

    They should use the Pit from Smash Bros. Brawl instead of this high tech future design… seriously it looks much better, besides Kid Icarus is supposed to be childlike, is it not? anyway, they should totally use the Pit from SSBB it would work way better.. and maybe give it HD Graphics and all that jazz… XD


  2. iNoob

    o_o he looks way too buffed.. they should seriously just use the SSBB pit besides hes supose to be a kid D: this doesnt look like pit

  3. LiamRproductions

    I was doing my first unseen64 video on this Monokoma, would you be able to tell me if all this information is up to date? Is the company still working on a Wii project?

  4. Refurs

    Factor 5 is now known as WhiteHarvest LLC. In fact, they have or had multiple Wii games in development. One of them was cancelled just last month, it was a conversion of “a large open world game”. I assume that they tried to do something with Superman (codenamed Blue Steel) but couldn’t find a publisher.
    WhiteHarvest is now said to work on a new Rogue Squadron game (codenamed Blue Harvest) and probably also another game of which some assets were leaked (http://www.unseen64.net/2009/02/01/lair-engine-wii-tech-demo/). I believe the latter was to be presented earlier this year but is now getting Motion Plus support.

    1. monokoma

      I wonder if it’s just speculation / rumors or it was really in development. Anyway, as it’s a Nintendo title, probably we’ll never see anything from it :\

  5. Steph. H.

    I have heard about a wii kid icarus game, rumors I heard were saying that it would be SSBB pit. I think this design works as in the NES version he was like a…kid and in SSBB he is a teen, well, now he is an adult

  6. Karrie Greene

    Pit cant be a super hi tech maniac he got to be ssbb pit! His time period is ancient greece, am i right? He needs to look it!

    SSBB pit was great, he was modern by means of animation, i mean he was manga-y, and still fit the role of pit. He was a kid who was old enough to not be mistaken for cupid and not look like a twig and wore greek-ish toga, this new one has got it all wrong.


  7. JJJ

    WOW O____O…………. let’s just hope this isn’t the pit they’re using. C’mon this is crap to me, sorry if sounds mean but it’s just my opinion. I think SSBB Pit is good enough, at least he looks young in Brawl. and I dunno how Pit looks girly in SSBB. He doesn’t. anyways back on topic, NO i can’t accept this…………………….. Please let it be pit from SSBB, that’s all i’m asking.

  8. Anonymous

    Anyone realize by now that the design of the bow doubling as a blade seems to have been stolen from factor 5’s art as shown here? XD why am i not suprised…. nintendo is just like M$ stealing designs and intellectual property without a care lmfao

  9. 9th Sage

    Actually, judging by the timing, Brawl was probably well into development at the point this was in the concept stages (there’s a profile posted of him on the Smash Bros Dojo site dated 5-23-07, so it’s very possible they saw this and it inspired that design for the weapon).

  10. 9th Sage

    Although, it’s not as if you care about this, given your fanboyish attitude. Just figured I’d put it out there though.

  11. Irene

    Brawl didn’t come out till 2008. This was found in 2008. That means it was in development during Brawl’s time period or before. Him having Pit’s Brawl design may not have been even possible at the time.

    That, and maybe they couldn’t use it due to the fact that they didn’t create the design? Copyright reasons?

    I agree he doesn’t look great at all, but seriously. This is a ridiculous overreaction. He just looks more like an adult. I find the design kind of neat, really.

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