Icarus [Wii – Concept / Prototype]

Icarus [Wii – Concept / Prototype]


‘Icarus’ was the working title an attempted Kid Icarus revival project in development at Factor 5, Inc. for Nintendo Wii. The game was a third person shooter with flight combat elements. It was developed between March 2007 – March 2008, when Nintendo eventually decided not to move forward with development on a full game.




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Liam Robertson

5 thoughts on “Icarus [Wii – Concept / Prototype]

  1. LiamRproductions

    I was doing my first unseen64 video on this Monokoma, would you be able to tell me if all this information is up to date? Is the company still working on a Wii project?

  2. Refurs

    Factor 5 is now known as WhiteHarvest LLC. In fact, they have or had multiple Wii games in development. One of them was cancelled just last month, it was a conversion of “a large open world game”. I assume that they tried to do something with Superman (codenamed Blue Steel) but couldn’t find a publisher.
    WhiteHarvest is now said to work on a new Rogue Squadron game (codenamed Blue Harvest) and probably also another game of which some assets were leaked (http://www.unseen64.net/2009/02/01/lair-engine-wii-tech-demo/). I believe the latter was to be presented earlier this year but is now getting Motion Plus support.

    1. monokoma

      I wonder if it’s just speculation / rumors or it was really in development. Anyway, as it’s a Nintendo title, probably we’ll never see anything from it :\

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