More unused text from Chrono Trigger!

More unused text from Chrono Trigger!

GlitterBerri & KWhazit have translate more unused text from the Chrono Trigger Prerelease ROM, some of wich is still present, and unused, in the released version. Huge props to them! You can read the full article at the Chrono Compendium website or at GlitterBerri’s blog. Here are some of the most interesting parts:

Script obtained by RyogaMasaki & Vehek
Translation by GlitterBerri & KWhazit
Editing and speculations by ZeaLitY

Lucca: Th, this is…
10 years ago…… back when I didn’t
know anything about mechanics……

Lara: Somebody stop it–!!
Taban: Lucca!!
Put in the passcode 366 and
pull the lever!!

It seems that it was impossible to save Lara’s legs, and this was used to teach a lesson to Lucca (more is described later in this article). The text of the incident is accordingly different; Taban is present, and the passcode is certainly one that can’t be entered with buttons.

Chief: If only we had the Mirror Mail, we could
prevent the murderous heatwave of the demons
and protect this village.

The Rainbow Shell was originally planned to be Mirror Mail in the Prerelease. There are lines referring to it as the Rainbow Shell, suggesting that the Mirror Mail lines were leftovers from an earlier stage of development. Later on, we find out that the Mirror Mail was stolen by Magus’s henchmen after the fall of the lair

The Queen calls.
She would like to have you descend
to the Ocean Floor Temple immediately……

Dalton is meant to retrieve Schala for the Ocean Palace from her bedroom in the Prerelease. This was probably changed since Dalton would have recognized the party.

Human filth! Lavos’s sleeping ground will not
be hurt by scum like you!

The Octorider enemy greets you harshly in Heckran Cave with these lines. The Octorider was removed from this area in the final version of the game, but still existed as a functional enemy.

Old Man: Oi, you there.
Did you see it too?
Just now, a dark silhouette, aimlessly
drifting by……

I wonder what it could be?
I feel as though I’ve seen it before……
Zeal’s Ocean Floor Palace……?
No, something different……

The meaning of this line is a total mystery, as it does not appear in the End of Time’s events. It sounds like it could be referring to the appearance of the Gate leading to 990 A.D. for the Lucca sidequest, but then again, how is that related to Zeal’s Ocean Palace except for temporal distortions?

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