Lair Engine [Wii – Tech Demo]

Lair Engine [Wii – Tech Demo]

Lair is a PS3 action / flying game developed by Factor 5 in which the player controls a knight named Rohn who rides a dragon. The original Lair 3D engine was downgraded to make it run on the Wii hardware, to develope new games for the Nintendo console. This Lair Engine for the Wii could have been used as a basic engine for the prototype of Kid Icarus Wii, a  project that Factor 5 tried to propose to Nintendo.


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2 thoughts on “Lair Engine [Wii – Tech Demo]

  1. anon

    i dont know… factor five does the same nice technical-work than Rare did, geting everything out of nintendos console, but they do not make games with the same imagination, Story and heart

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