Redwood Falls [X360/PS3 – Cancelled]

Redwood Falls [X360/PS3 – Cancelled]


Redwood Falls was a FPS / Horror project that was in development for Xbox 360 and PS3 at Kuju Entertainment in 2006, that led to an impressive looking playable demo made as a way to pitch a publishers for the final game.  Thet Redwood project was running on Unreal Engine 3, with full flammable and destructible environment, enemies scared of fire, an infective virus that was able to regenerate monsters and a potentially interesting gameplay.

Sadly the development of Redwood Falls was stopped in 2007: Kuju was bough out. The new owners  of the studio were not interested in a new IP like this one and did not gave more funds to continue the project. Even if many publishers were impressed with this prototype, especially as it was the result of only 4 months of work, without the possibility to see more of the gameplay mechanics, noone was confident enough to support the game. In the end Redwood Falls was officially cancelled and only few screens and a video remain from this promising title.

Thanks a lot to Hey Hey, DaRk_ViVi and meetajhu for the contribution!



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9 thoughts on “Redwood Falls [X360/PS3 – Cancelled]

  1. thatguynm

    if that is truely why it was canned, it’s a very asinine reason to destroy what could have been a great IP

  2. Sameer

    The stupid new people cancelled it, and what did we get ?!

    You’re in the Movies
    Rush’n Attack: Ex-Patriot
    Art Academy (video game)

    and many worse video games, I mean WTF !!!, Can’t the people see a good IP ?!, this game would have been an amazing game with great sales, it is FPS (big market), Survival Horror (a really big market), Immersive, and unique.

    I hope Sony picks it up again or something.

  3. Ross Sillifant

    Concept of regenerating zombies using discarded limbs as weapons sounded nice.

    Kuju were bought by German outsourcing specialists, Catalis, who sadly would’nt know a decent game concept if it bit them on the arse it seems.

  4. Steve Arbogast

    This game looked great, and kind of reminded me of the movie John Carpenters “The Thing”

    Was really bummed it was canceled.

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