Mechwarrior Prime [XBOX / PC – Cancelled]

Mechwarrior Prime [XBOX / PC – Cancelled]

Also know as Mechwarrior 5, this project by FASA Studios was never completed, but some screens and concepts have survived the cancellation. If you have more infos on this game, please let us know!

Thanks to Hey Hey for the contribution!



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2 thoughts on “Mechwarrior Prime [XBOX / PC – Cancelled]

  1. Karl

    Looks to me like a selection of random fanmade mechwarrior art.
    The art is all inconsistant in quality, And that cockpit view is horrible.
    A big step back from Mech 3. Or even the Butt Ugly Mech 4

    1. monokoma Post author

      keep in mind that these are only early concept arts for the project, they were used just to have an idea about the “feel” of the final game, not to show the final graphic engine (that probably was never made)

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