[Update] New descriptions, screens and videos

[Update] New descriptions, screens and videos


We have added some stuff in these Unseen Archives: Earthworm Jim [SNES/MD – Beta], Earthworm Jim 2 [MD/G – Beta], Boom TV [PS2 – Cancelled], Mario Galaxy [Wii – Beta] [Thanks to Girrrtacos], Demonik [X360 – Cancelled] [Thanks to Phugolz], Yoshi’s Island [Thanks to Jose], Stage Debut [Gamecube – Unreleased], Mario Kart R 64 [N64 – Beta], Body Harvest [N64 – Beta], Attack [N64 – Cancelled], Half Life (Quiver) [Beta], Illusion Of Gaia / Time [Thanks to Robert Seddon and Adrien BAPTIS] and Retro Studios Football [Tech Demo / Cancelled].

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