A collection of Jaguar’s protos has been leaked!

A collection of Jaguar’s protos has been leaked!

X-cult has found many protos for the Atari Jaguar in the Jaguar Sector website. You can download them here. Here’s the list:

2600 Emulator (Stella)(Unreleased)
Arena Football 95 (JSII Release)
Barkley Shut Up And Jam (Prototype)
Blue Lightning Tour 4 Beta
Blue Lightning Tour 5 Beta
Blue Lightning Tour 6 Beta
BrainGames (unreleased)Breakout2000 (Prototype)
Brett Hull Hockey (Cart Version)
Cybermorph (Early Prototype)
Dante’s Inferno PC Demo (Unreleased)
Defender 2000 (Prototype)
Fight For Life (BETA 3-22)
Fight For Life (BETA 9-7)
GPU26 2600 Emulator (Unreleased)
Jack Nicklaus Golf (V002)(Unreleased)
Jack Nicklaus Golf (V002A)(Unreleased)
Jack Nicklaus Golf (V003)(unreleased)
Jack Nicklaus Golf (V004)(Unreleased)
Missile Command VR (not 3D)
Oswald’s Invention – PC Demo (Unreleased)
Phase Zero (Prototype)
Rayman (Early Prototype)
Slam Racer (Unreleased)
Spacewar2000 (unreleased)
Tiny Toons Plucky Duck (unreleased tech demo)
Ultra VorteX (Prototype)

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10 thoughts on “A collection of Jaguar’s protos has been leaked!

  1. Jaxxon

    Certainly! The original Aliens vs. Predator, Doom (best console version, in my opinion), and Castle Wolfenstein for starters…

  2. Ross Sillifant

    YAK (Jeff Minter) talking about Spacewar 2000:

    ‘ I was at Atari and I saw a near-final
    Space War 2000. When you see this title you’ll notice that Mr. Zdybel
    has been borrowing rather heavily from Yak’s Little Book of
    Melt-O-Vision Tricks and Spells! There’s a cool bit at the end of a
    round where Lance Chromedome appears in a field of melting with a third
    eye and grins at you! Hoots of laughter were heard around the test
    dept. when that came on…’

    Sadly of course we never saw the game, seems it used the same game engine as Hoverstrike:Unconqured Lands, but due to nature of the game was able to have more detailed models etc without effecting the frame rate etc.

  3. Ross Sillifant

    Bill Rehbock in his interview with Arcade Attack,talks of Atari playing with the big boys with regard F.F.L…

    Since Sega’s Virtual Fighter was not fully texture mapped,Atari wanted to do a fully texture mapped game on the Jaguar and Bill himself admits the system wasn’t geared up to do this.
    He also talked of Sam Tramiel focus group testing the game,knew it would review badly,ecen though some in the group thought the game was pretty cool,but Jaguar badly needed a game in this genre so it was green lit to be shipped,where as other companies would of simply pulled the plug on it.

    Bill went onto say the game needed another 3 artists for art and animation and entire thing needed a bigger budget.

  4. Ross Sillifant

    More from Minter on Space War 2000:

    All I know is it’s gonna have some killer poly graphics (explosions
    which look like someone sneezed into a pile of confetti, so many polygons
    blowing away) and a splitscreen (vertically!) 2 player mode…


  5. Ross Sillifant

    Jeff talking plans for D2K and Major Havoc being held back for him:

    Posted Today, 1:15 PM

    Another snippet from Jeff Minter where he talks about Atari saving Major Havoc for him:

    (Regarding Defender 2K) It’ll happen as fast as I can make it
    happen, and I’ll probably start at the beginning of October. I think the approach will be to glory up the scrolling, work out some coollooking
    ways to show ships exploding or being otherwise destroyed, design some devious new enemy types and then some viciously-efficient death-delivery systems to allow you to deal with them, throw in a sleek and
    manoeuverable starship which looks completely unlike a cow, and some
    seriously ferret-bending bonus levels. Sprinkle liberally with bonuses and powerups, add a bottle of tequila and stand well back.

    I would not rule out the possibility of llamas or other ungulates.

    John at Atari sez they’ll hold Major Havoc so I can do it after D2K.

    (:-) Little fluffy clouds look a bit like sheep.

  6. Ross Sillifant

    Regarding Space War 2000…

    I’d previously been lead to believe (via comments from the team behind the game), that once Atari saw what would go onto become Battlesphere, Space War 2000 was canned.

    It looks as if there’s more to it than that:

    Zero 5 coder Matthew Gosling:”After showing little or no interest in us, Atari suddenly asked for a demo two days or so after I got the AI up and running. It turned out they secretly put it to a focus group against one of their own completed titles, Space War 2000, and when we clobbered them in comparison tests, they canned theirs.

    Matthew has also said the only reason Zero 5 has the (limited) texture mapping it has,was to keep Atari happy.

    Yet another case where Atari asked for texture mapping rather than developers wanting to include it..

    Matthew also talked of being told Caspain were” making waves ” at Atari USA and Leonard Tramiel was p#seed about Space War 2000 being canned.

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