Stage Debut [GC – Proto / Unreleased]

Stage Debut [GC – Proto / Unreleased]

Stage Debut was a game planned to be published and developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Gamecube video game console. The game was intended for a 2004 release, but was indefinitely delayed, probably due to the cancellation of its sister peripheral for the Game Boy Advance, the GameEye.

Stage Debut was designed similarly to a game titled Mario Artist: Talent Studio developed for the Nintendo 64’s Nintendo 64DD peripheral. The player would take a picture of their face using the Game Boy Advance’s Game Eye peripheral (which was planned to be, in short, a spiritual successor to the Game Boy Camera). Then, by linking the GameEye to the Gamecube system via the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable, the player would be able to insert the image onto a 3D model within the game’s virtual world.

Stage Debut was widely assumed as either a canceled project or a project in development hell after no progress in development was announced on the title by Nintendo for quite some time. However, in a 2008 interview with Shigeru Miyamoto by the popular gaming news site IGN, an official answer was made. Not only did he cite Stage Debut as an inspiration for the Wii’s Mii Channel function, he also said that “In my mind, it’s still alive.” While this does not deny the cancellation of the project, it does not confirm it will never come to pass.

It seems that Tomdachi Collection, a new game for the DS will have some modes that were originally planned for Stage Debut.

Thanks to Matt Gander & sba sb3002 for some of these images and to Sdas for the contribution!



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10 thoughts on “Stage Debut [GC – Proto / Unreleased]

  1. Sam Jones

    which was shown at E3 2002 with the name
    Stage Debut. This software, renamed to Manebito.

    E3 2002. I see… start searching…

    1. 1999RADIOMIX

      Yo interesting find! Any more info from that source? Glad new things are still being found for this

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