World Reborn [GBA Version] leaked!

World Reborn [GBA Version] leaked!

Probably it’s an old news for some of you, but if you still did not know, the Neopong team has shared with the public a ROM of their cancelled GBA / DS game, a shmup named World Reborn. As we can read at the WD Forum “My partners and I have finally completely given up on the ability to get this game out in some form or fashion (DS/Wii remake, Cellphone version, etc…), so rather than let it never see the light of day or be played by anyone, we’ve decided to just make it freely available for download. So here it is, 4 (or 5?) years after completion, World Reborn: [4MB]

[…] you’ll need the ability to play GBA ROM files. Various ways you can do that… I’d recommend grabbing VisualBoy Advance (just Google search for it), it plays well in there.”

You can read more about the project at the Neopong website, with some interesting informations like the Design Document, Game Spreadsheet and the Stat Balancing Sheet. We are happy to see that some developers have decided to freely share their work that could have been lost, props to them! If you are a fan of the shoot ’em up genre, you should try this cancelled-one. Here’s a video if you want to take a look before the download:

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3 thoughts on “World Reborn [GBA Version] leaked!

  1. CoinCollector

    I really wish more developers could leak their unreleased games like this. Lots of work get put into some of those canceled and unreleased games, and I’m sure they’d want people to experience it!

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