Some infos about Chakan Dreamcast

Some infos about Chakan Dreamcast


Cobra Blade has sent to us some interesting infos about the cancelled Chakan project for the Dreamcast: “This sequel to the Genesis hit was under development by the original’s creator Ed Annunziata and his new studio AndNow. While there was no official cancellation declared, the project would be dropped and the lead artist would then reuse the majority of the concepts and designs for Blood Omen 2 which he was the lead artist and co-writer of.” Thank you Cobra! This was really usefull

Searching through the net, i have found The Lost Worlds website, that has some more informations about these Chakan / Blood Omen 2 connections:

“Depicted in this artwork for Chakan are quite a few elements which are familiar. In addition to the general similarity of themes:

* Chakan himself differs from the Blood Omen 2-era Kain only in that his body and face are harder-worn and he wears a hat.
* A worm-riding character is clearly the predecessor to Umah.
* Several enemies bear the “broken ankh” symbol of the Sarafan in Blood Omen 2.
* Enemy designs range from very similar to virtually identical.
* The depiction of the streets of the city is essentially a futuristic version of Meridian.

In addition, a preview of Chakan described its plot arc as “[evolving] from a fantasy story to a pure science-fiction setting” – just like Blood Omen 2.

Some time later, IGN forum member Embla discovered an even older unreleased Steve Ross project – Sirens. A 1997-era PlanetQuake page (no longer online) was dedicated to a proof-of-concept that Ross and Joshua Gordon had created using the engine from the original Quake.”

You can read more about it in here: Chakan & Sirens

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One thought on “Some infos about Chakan Dreamcast

  1. Ross Sillifant

    Always a curious one this.

    At one point,someone from the project sent out an email to press which was
    somewhat cryptic, but made it sound like they were shifting development
    of the game to another system.

    This was then followed by claims developers had said game would be finished come hell or high water…

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