Chakan [Dreamcast – Tech Demo / Cancelled]

Chakan [Dreamcast – Tech Demo / Cancelled]

Chakan: The Forever Man is a Sega Mega Drive / Genesis video game published by Sega of America June 1992 and based upon a comic book by Robert A. Kraus. The game featured an uncommonly dark premise for the time of its release, which saw the home console market flooded with licensed (often from children’s cartoons) platformers. This Dreamcast sequel to the Genesis hit was under development by the original’s creator Ed Annunziata and his new studio AndNow. While there was no official cancellation declared, the project would be dropped and the lead artist would then reuse the majority of the concepts and designs for Blood Omen 2 which he was the lead artist and co-writer of.

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3 thoughts on “Chakan [Dreamcast – Tech Demo / Cancelled]

  1. Stranger59

    I assume I was one of the few that was pretty interested in this game. I remember reading that it would focus a lot on powerful evil monsters you’d have to stalk and observe before properly taking them on. I’m a bit surprised how much of a boobie-factor they were aiming for with some of the enemies… now I’m extra sad that it never came out.

  2. wild

    I always thought Chakan was an awesome character. I would love to see this game come out for the newest consoles. An X-Box 360 version would be excellent.

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