What happened to kirby gamecube?

What happened to kirby gamecube?

Do you remember Kirby Adventure for the GameCube? It looked fun, but it was never released.. or did it? Here’s a video with an interesting theory about kirby, smash bros and the restoration of a cancelled game.


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7 thoughts on “What happened to kirby gamecube?

  1. monokoma

    You are right, Brawl was not developed by HAL, but it looks like there were some HAL members on the Brawl team, this is from wikipedia: “Development of the game did not begin until October 2005, when Nintendo opened a new office in Tokyo just for its production. Nintendo also enlisted outside help from various developer studios, including Game Arts. Sakurai stated that these people had spent excessive amounts of time playing Super Smash Bros. Melee. This team was given access to all the original material and tools from the development of Melee, courtesy of HAL Laboratory. In addition, several Smash Bros. staff members that reside around the area of the new office joined the project’s development.”

  2. MarxForever

    Everything pointed out in this video can also be said for Kirby Super Star. Save the enemies bouncing off walls. Which looks nothing like it does in Subspace Emmisary, It looks good.
    Just because it’s 3-D doesn’t mean it’s using the Brawl engine.
    Odds are this game probably just got lost in the sauce*coughWiiLaunchcough*.
    And please don’t compare SSE’s horrible creature design to Kirby’s.

  3. SoVre

    galleom is actualy a very interesting point, but no, they fight diferent, and i dont think so

    also, kirby return to dreamland has a lot of elements of the beta, but is not the canceled titled, but who really knows…

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