Ganymede [Playstation, Sega Saturn – Cancelled]

Ganymede [Playstation, Sega Saturn – Cancelled]

Original announcement for Playstation and Sega Saturn: “Players race across the rugged 3D moonscape in Ganymede, matching battle skills and strategy against the warlike Eridani aliens. Piloting a heavily armed, frictionless vaporsled, the player smashes through enemy battle craft and attacks mission targets with stealth and speed. Superbly realistic driving physics accompanied by aggressive thrusting power, minimal traction and rugged terrain make exploring Ganymede, the ice-moon under the ominous watch of Jupiter, an adventure in itself. The ability to freely navigate the surface of the entire moon on more than 20 missions creates unlimited gameplay.” The game was never released, the reason of the cancellation is unknown.

Thanks to Ross Sillifant for the contribution!


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