Sonic the Hedgehog [GG – Proto]

Sonic the Hedgehog [GG – Proto]


[ENG] This entry in the archive does no have a description yet. If you want to add some info about the beta stuff that you can see in these images, just write a comment or send us an email! We’ll add your info in the page. Thanks a lot for your contribute! :) [ITA] Questa pagina dell’archivio non ha ancora una descrizione. Se conosci bene questo gioco e riconosci le differenze delle immagini beta rispetto alla versione finale, lasciaci un commento o mandaci una email! Inseriremo le tue informazioni nella pagina. Grazie per il tuo aiuto! :)


Thanks a lot to SMS Power for the contribute!

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2 thoughts on “Sonic the Hedgehog [GG – Proto]

  1. sonicku

    I know that there was a level called clock work zone. Also sparkling zone. and each zone was soupssed to have five acts and fifteen levels. I think. ;)

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