Sonic Triple Trouble / Chaos 2 [GG – Beta]

Sonic Triple Trouble / Chaos 2 [GG – Beta]


In these scans we can see some screens from an early version of Sonic Triple Trouble for the GameGear. The game was know as “Chaos 2” at that time and Martin Konrad says that “There is some kind of 3D bonus levels which is not used in the final game and a couple of scenes with Nack/Fang which were removed. Another scan shows a level in the first world, but the level layout seems to be different from the final version. Here’s a directory of maps of Sonic games that Rolken (from the Sonicretro Forum) has made: – but I can’t find the location which the scan shows.”

Thanks a lot to Martin Konrad for most of these scans and the info!


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4 thoughts on “Sonic Triple Trouble / Chaos 2 [GG – Beta]

  1. mister

    if i reading the first picture right, at the bottom it says jet the sniper whats with i guess they change it to nack or fang whatever the hell it is i guess they decided to use jet for jet the hawk

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