Frame City Killer [X360 – Cancelled]

Frame City Killer [X360 – Cancelled]

Frame City Killer was an Xbox 360 video game under development by Namco.The player assumes the role of secret agent Crow who must hunt down Khan, a terrorist and drug lord, who is creating Visual Acid. After repeated delays in development, a lack of presentation in numerous trade shows, and with media releases that failed to impress, Namco decided to cancel the title in May 2006. – [info from Wikipedia]


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2 thoughts on “Frame City Killer [X360 – Cancelled]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    NAMCO were said to be the 1st Japanese developer to use the UNREAL 3 Engine and struggled with it.As a result game suffered numerous delays and lost it’s profile.

  2. SkyHighGam3r

    I was dying for this game to come out when I first read about it back before the X360 launched.

    You were going to be tasked with assassinating various targets, but you would have to find them, and figure out when to kill them.

    It was said that you would be able to follow them around town in their daily lives, when they go to work, when they come home, where they shopped, etc.

    All the videos that came out though made the game look unpolished and atrocious, and I was very sad. Then they cancelled it… forever gone…

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