Red Steel 2 [Wii - Prototype / Beta]

March 5, 2009 by
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Red Steel 2 is the presumed sequel for the famous FPS that was released for the Wii in 2006, a project that was in development at Ubisoft Montreuil (this studio was also responsible for Red Steel 1) in 2007. It seems that these screens and documents were taken from an early concept of the project, some of which are from a set of “fantasy themed” levels (probably for bonus missions or multiplayer modes).

Development of this Red Steel 2 prototype was stopped in October 2007 when Ubisoft raised concerns about the game’s quality. Since then, Ubisoft Paris started from scratch and a “new” Red Steel 2 is planned for a release in 2009. Ubisoft Montreuil went on with making Rayman Raving Rabbits 2 and TV Party.

Thanks to Hey Hey & SG for their contributions!



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  1. bob

    There’s only one Ubisoft dev studio in Paris with several teams in it. Its often called UbiSoft Paris because it’s next to Paris, but if you want to be precise, the studio takes place in Montreuil, a small city next to Paris.

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