Dead Rush [XBOX/PS2/GC - Cancelled]

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Dead Rush was a cancelled video game that was designed by Treyarch and would have been published by Activision. The game would have taken place in the town of Eastport where a massive earthquake has destroyed most of humanity. As Jake, a character suffering from memory loss, the players job was to try and find out exactly what happened in Eastport, which is now overflowing with zombies.

The game’s main claim to fame was the fact that as Jake players could operate one of several vehicles scattered around town. Not only would this provide the player with a means of transportation but it would also serve as armor of sorts. The zombies in Eastport would try to wreck whatever car Jake was driving. Luckily the player could create new vehicles out of parts of previously demolished cars.

The game would have featured few load times, as after an initial boot up the game would never pause to load data from the disc again. The game was announced at E3 2004 and set to be released in 2005. It was cancelled shortly thereafter. [Info from Wikipedia]



3 thoughts on “Dead Rush [XBOX/PS2/GC - Cancelled]

  1. Brian

    Ever sense I saw dawn of the dead I want a game like this. But sadly it never saw the light of day. Oh well after years of waiting someone making the zombie game I always wanted. Undead labs game State of Decay.

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