Resident Evil [GameBoy - Cancelled]

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Resident evil is a survival horror created by Capcom and released for Playstation and Saturn in 1996. A porting of the game for Gameboy Color, developed by Hotgen, was supposed to be released within 1999 in a 4mb cartridge, but eventually Capcom decided to shelve it even if it was almost completed. A preview at mentioned the presence of new enemies and a quick-save feature.

In February 2012, thanks to a fundrising organized by Assembler forum, two different beta builds of Resident Evil GBC were released to the community. Every room, almost all the items and the cutscenes from the Psx version are present in this porting, but, apart from the zombies, every other enemy is either absent or still not animated. We can only use the handgun, the knife and the shotgun. By changing your location with emulators it’s possible to get to the eliport, but there is neither final boss or ending sequence. Maybe they are just buried in the code, waiting for a hacker to discover them… or at least we hope so. In the second build we can play only with Chris and inventory chests don’t work anymore , but this beta seems to be more polished overall.

Interestingly, the build documented in the ign preview seems to be yet another pre-release version of RE GBC, showing brown zombies and a few little changes in the backgrounds.

In the official topic at Assembler Forum you can find more info about this great release!

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6 thoughts on “Resident Evil [GameBoy - Cancelled]

  1. yotayota Post author

    usually we don’t add direct links in the article because files get removed from internet all the time.

  2. brendan

    I have played them roms on my ds XD illegally of course but wow very impressive graphics for such a Underpowered system !

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