Echo Delta [N64 - Cancelled]

April 4, 2008 by
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Officially revealed at Space World 2000, Echo Delta was going to be one of the few real time strategy games available per the Nintendo 64, even through with some action-game features. The objective of the game was to recover a sunken ship with a little submarine, trying at the same time to obtain energy from the ocean’s bed. With this energy it was possible to upgrade our submarine, using some sort of factory called “Core”. However the Core was vulnerable to enemy attack, so we needed to protect it with some placeable weapons , like the defensive turrets. Even if essentially completed, Echo delta was quietly cancelled at the end of the year. On July 2006 a prototype copy of the game was sold on ebay, but the game was not leaked to the internet.

Update from NickNack: From the forums of FrankC’s Lost Levels, there has been some hubbub over the unreleased Echo Delta prototype, that was on sale on eBay”. The discussion points out that there was an IGN Preview Article about it back in 2000. Developed by the Marigul-funded design team, Clever Trick, the game was hard to categorize because of its RTS (Real Time Strategy) like game play and overall feel but it had lots of RPG (Role Playing Game) elements with a splash of Action. In the short 18 minutes you have in the Beta-demo you goal is to raise a sunken battle ship from the ocean abysses. To accomplish your goal you must scour the sea floor for resources to up grade your submarine vessel, scout.

There seems to be other copies of this unreleased beta floating around, no pun intended. There have also been reports of another copy on the ASSEMbler Forums back in 2004, which also arises the question “were there any other copies of the Space World 2000 Prototypes”? Apparently so because there have been reports of a seller who want an out standing sum of $1,520.00 for this 18 minute demo.

Thanks to olivieryuyu for the videos!

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