TimeO [X360/PS3 – Cancelled]

TimeO is an action game developed by ZootFly, announced in 2007 but then dropped off the radar. First announced soon after ZootFly’s Ghostbusters prototype it has seen little in the way of press coverage since the first flurries of activity related to its announcement. The official web site has not been undated since February 2007 and a few video game news originations released articles in May 2008 disclosing that Brash Entertainment was the publisher of the title but Brash Entertainment has since shut down operations. An official announcement of the titles current status has not yet been released by ZootFly so it is assumed to be currently without a publisher and stuck in development hell. [Infos from Wikipedia]

As we can read from the official site:

Zed Condor, an urban explorer and Violet Munro, an investigative reporter get trapped deep in the shadow world of a parallel New York. The city itself is a giant war machine threatening to wipe out our world. They have three days to stop it.

TimeO is a daring and upbeat action adventure about two diehard New York City urban explorers. They discover an entrance to a parallel world in which an army of enslaved people is building replicas of cities in order to launch a Trojan horse invasion on Earth and other worlds.

There’s the exploration spirit of unknown worlds, the audacity of the greatest movie adventures, and the roughness of gritty urban TV series.




Hollow [XBOX – Unreleased]

Hollow is a cancelled XBOX first person shooter that was in development by ZootFly in 2003. In Hollow, players would assume the role of an expelled US journalist named Tyler Kilmore, who, upon returning to the disco-totalitarian state of Centrope reunites with his fiancée and finds himself being arrested for her murder. The game would feature four distinct environments, ranging from a disco-totalitarian metropolis to a decaying underworld. Intriguingly, each mission in the game would end with a movie-style action sequence showing the player’s best moments. [Infos from Wikipedia]

It was meant to have an interesting “Psychometrics System” that based on player’s inputs and choices throughout the game, would have had build a psychological profile and offer them, among other, an ending that they want. A game of Hollow could have branch at two thirds of the story to several distinctive resolutions, and the psychometrics engine would had pick the better one for the player. The project was meant to be finished in 2005 so ZootFly had some plan to make this an “XBOX 2” launch game too.

In the end, the game was never released: it’s possible that the project was too ambitius for the team and without a publisher, ZootFly decided to stop the development.