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Terra Formations [X360/PS3 – Cancelled?]

Terra Formations is a FPS with real-time strategy elements that was in development by Star Cave Studios and Cellien Studios in 2006, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  There are not many info about what happened, but during the development the studios were closed down and Terra Formation was doomed. After a while it seems that the assets and the game code were acquired by Riverplay Games, as their founder was part of the original Terra Formations team. It’s currently unknown if the game will ever be finished by Riverplay.

As we can read in the official description:

High action FPS with RTS elements such as building nodes and factories. The key concepts of Terra can be summarized by the conflicting species, player classes, life forms, technology, locations, and gameplay that are designed to make a genre hybrid, player driven world possible.

Four character classes offer different insight to the chaotic world, each providing a unique blend of interaction and gameplay perspectives. The Soldier faction allows for gameplay that players have come to expect from traditional FPS games. As a member of the Engineer class, the player becomes the key element in the development of the environment by constructing and repairing mankind’s lifeline to the world. The Researcher class explores the evolution of the world to enhance society’s tools and develop new technology. Finally, the player can opt to take command of the action from the perspective of the Commander class to bring order to an uncertain future, tying RTS elements into Terra: Formations.

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