Mutatis [PSX – Cancelled]

Mutatis was a game in development at Psygnosis (before they were bough by Sony and became SCE Studio Liverpool) for the original Playstation. Sadly we dont have any informations about its gameplay or story background. The project was later cancelled for unknown reasons and only some artworks remain.

It seems that Mutatis had some connection with Anathor, another cancelled PSX game by Psygnosis (could they have been the same project under different names?).

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Athanor [PSX PC – Cancelled]

Athanor (sometimes referred to as “Athenor”) is a cancelled adventure game  that was in development by In Vivo for Psygnosis for the original Playstation and PC. The game was set in a virtual world created by a futuristic society, populated with classic Greek mythological creatures. We dont know much more about the story or the gameplay, but we can assume that something went wrong in that virtual world and the player had to resolve puzzles and to combat against demons and other mythological enemies.

Celine was able to find a screenshot in CD Consoles magazine issue #19, some other images are from Console Mania #53.

It seems that Athanor had some connection with Mutatis, another cancelled PSX game by Psygnosis (could they have been the same project under different names?).


Elric [PSX – Cancelled]

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The Contract [PSX – Cancelled]

The Contract is a cancelled action game that was in development for the original Playstation. As told by Haydn Dalton, The Contract’s project manager, “The Contract was a 3rd person action adventure, where you choose between two different characters; Simon & Natasha. This was being worked on at Psygnosis Manchester, which shut down partway through production.”

In GamePro issue 113 we can read how Simon and Natasha are two Mob henchmen in a quest to avenge the wronged Colusha family. The action game would consist of 30 undercover missions ( which vary greatly depending on which character the player choose ) where the gamer can use more than 50 weapons, a unique targeting system and 20 stealthy moves.

Thanks to Haydn Dalton for the great contribute! Thanks to Celine for the scan and the description!