Psygnosis Manchester

The Contract [PSX – Cancelled]

The Contract is a cancelled action game that was in development for the original Playstation. As told by Haydn Dalton, The Contract’s project manager, “The Contract was a 3rd person action adventure, where you choose between two different characters; Simon & Natasha. This was being worked on at Psygnosis Manchester, which shut down partway through production.”

In GamePro issue 113 we can read how Simon and Natasha are two Mob henchmen in a quest to avenge the wronged Colusha family. The action game would consist of 30 undercover missions ( which vary greatly depending on which character the player choose ) where the gamer can use more than 50 weapons, a unique targeting system and 20 stealthy moves.

Thanks to Haydn Dalton for the great contribute! Thanks to Celine for the scan and the description!