In Vivo

Athanor [PSX PC – Cancelled]

Athanor (sometimes referred to as “Athenor”) is a cancelled adventure game  that was in development by In Vivo for Psygnosis for the original Playstation and PC. The game was set in a virtual world created by a futuristic society, populated with classic Greek mythological creatures. We dont know much more about the story or the gameplay, but we can assume that something went wrong in that virtual world and the player had to resolve puzzles and to combat against demons and other mythological enemies.

Celine was able to find a screenshot in CD Consoles magazine issue #19, some other images are from Console Mania #53.

It seems that Athanor had some connection with Mutatis, another cancelled PSX game by Psygnosis (could they have been the same project under different names?).