[Project Update] Zelda 64 Beta Restoration: Beta Wallmaster Video!

A nice video-update from the Team Beta Triforce: “Another little peek at the Ocarina of Time Beta Restoration Mod. This video is by Flotonic (One of our 3D modellers), expect much of his work to be showing up on our channel in the future. His videos will usually depict his latest remodel,retexture, etc. and has been uploaded to our channel at his request. If you have any questions or comments about the Mod or video, feel free to post them below. The textures were by lllsondowlll, another one of our team members.”


Here is the original beta model for comparison:


[Projects] Super Mario 64 Beta Remake updates

Update: The Mario 64 beta remake mod was revamped sometime around April of 2011. No further information will be posted UNTIL the mod is near complete. The “Beta Replica” is completely gone, so searching for that title won’t do you any good. If you’re interested in a beta remake of Super Mario 64, you can check back on this page any time. Dudaw’s Youtube channel is updated regularly as well

Again, nothing can be said about the mod at the moment. Look forward to the complete version!

Old Info:

Okay. We all heard about the M64 beta-hack that Bosco started. I was going to help him until I decided to start my own beta hack. He saw mine and generously dedicated the project to me. Now I am glad to say that he is helping me with some textures to put in :). He is the texture artist and I also have some analysts testing the game for errors. Now, don’t forget that I am not just kicking back. I am still making some textures of my own and putting in some new warps and paths/etc…

Now, do not compliment on the stairs or anything else related. Changing any structure of such would be a real pain. I don’t even think that is possible to hack anyway. Here’s a preview:

The hack is currently in development and has not yet been released. School is getting in the way. It is also hard working on two hacks at once. As I am busy with Super Mario 64: Wacky Worlds right now… The beta hack may be released as a first alpha by the end of this week! I am sorry, I only get about 3 hours on my computer each day because I get home from school at 3:45. Then I also have to go to bed early too. But on weekends I am sleeping in and staying up till 1:00 ^_^. So that’s all for now.

The Beta Replica Crew!:

  • Bosco – Texture Artist
  • Adstheratz – Analyst
  • Roro – Analyst
  • Mark – Analyst

You can check more screens and videos from the original beta-game in the Mario 64 Beta Archive.


[Projects] Super Mario 64 Beta Remake


After the Super Mario World Beta Remake by Randy355, Unseen 64 would like to promote another attempt in recreating the Mario 64 Beta game: in this new unseen project, Bosco is trying to hack Super Mario 64 with Toad’s Tool 64, to change textures and to add some of the removed stuff that we can see in the old screens and videos. An example is this testing video, where he has changed the textures in the castle entrance, to try to match the ones that are in the beta screen below. Take a look and keep in mind that Bosco has started the Mario 64 Beta project from just a couple of days and it’s just an early work: