[Projects] Super Mario 64 Beta Remake

[Projects] Super Mario 64 Beta Remake


After the Super Mario World Beta Remake by Randy355, Unseen 64 would like to promote another attempt in recreating the Mario 64 Beta game: in this new unseen project, Bosco is trying to hack Super Mario 64 with Toad’s Tool 64, to change textures and to add some of the removed stuff that we can see in the old screens and videos. An example is this testing video, where he has changed the textures in the castle entrance, to try to match the ones that are in the beta screen below. Take a look and keep in mind that Bosco has started the Mario 64 Beta project from just a couple of days and it’s just an early work:

Another part that will be added in the beta hack is the old version of the Peach’s slide: it is still in the game, hidden in the Tall Tall mountain level, but it should be possible to replace the actual Peach’s slide at the castle’s entrance with this original beta’s slide [EDIT: This is not really beta, is just the normal slide of Tall Tall Mountain.. i’m just getting older and my memory sucks.. sorry! Thanks to VL-Tone for the correction, see the comments below for more informations]:

This project is not an easy one, so we would like to ask some help to all the people that know how to use the Toad’s Tool 64. If you want to give an hand for this Unseen Project, please send us a message through one of these:

Every help will be really appreciated, so if you want to play the “beta version” of Mario 64, please give us an hand! :) You will be hired in the M64 Beta Remake team and we will collaborate with Bosco on the project! You can check more screens and videos from the original beta-game in the Mario 64 Beta Archive.

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8 thoughts on “[Projects] Super Mario 64 Beta Remake

  1. FullMetalMC

    wait Im confused how is the Tall Tall Mountain slide beta? do u mean that ur going to replace the Peachs Slide with this one because in the beta this one was accesible from the castle?

  2. monokoma Post author

    The Slide hidden in the Tal Tall mountain should be a beta one: from what i have understand it’s a unused Slide hidden in the code, not the same slide that you can play in that level. I dont remember which kind of Slide there is normally in Tall Tall Mountain, so i can be wrong ;P Anyway the slide in the second video of the M64 beta Remake is the same one as the one in this beta video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6BjjLFJBq4

  3. VL-Tone

    The slide shown in the video is indeed the one that’s found in Tall Tall mountain in the final game. It’s not hidden it’s part of the normal game, it’s one of the stars you have to get in that level.

    Furthermore, nothing in the video shows that the TTM slide once replaced Peach secret slide in the beta. You just see Mario enter a painting and then the editing cuts to Mario sliding. In the beta, the painting could have lead to any other level, it’s just the video editing that gives the impression that it may lead to this particular slide.

    As for the current project, I don’t understand why the beta bricks you implemented inside the castle have some texture in them, as in the beta the bricks are simply filled with a plain gradient.

    Anyhow, I hope my comment doesn’t discourage you! Have fun using Toad’s Tool 64!

  4. Bosco

    well done monokoma a lot of thanks to you :D and thanks to FullMetalMC and vl-tone. well im a bit confused with a lot of things with that slide, well i just change the castle texture today and i will upload a video :P, i just need to edit some levels polygons (well i cant in toad’s tool 64).
    oh and i just remake the moneys and the huds.

    sorry to vl-tone if i look like a “noob” im still 11 :P

  5. monokoma Post author

    It’s nice to have you in here VL-Tone! I want to thank you, Toad’s Tool is such a cool editor, i’m not that good with this kind of software, but i love the fact that other geeks can play with it and make wonderful or weird “mods” for Mario 64 :)

    As always, my memory fails on me, thanks for the correction, i’m going to fix the description of the project and write that the Slide is not really a beta one ;P

    The Mario 64 Beta Project is really interesting, so i hope that some people would like to help Bosco, because i’m sure that it’s an hard work, even for people older than 11 ;) That’s why we would like to promote his project.. to play it when it will be finished ;D Every opinion / suggestion / critic is welcome :)

  6. Dudaw


    Well, Bosco here was so inspired by me, that sadly he let me take over his hack. -_-
    My hack’s preview will be released tomorrow. I don’t know when but it should hit Youtube. From my deep analysis, I see that the Monkey Slide in Tall Tall Mountain was in the painting with Large mountains and shrooms. Now, the strange thing about the beta is that it seems as if the paintings are each split into three. Depending on what type they are (desert, lava, mountain, etc..). As VL-Tone pointed out in Toad’s Tool. If you watch beta clips carefully, you see that when Mario jumps in the middle, it leads to Monkey Slide. As for the right, it leads to Whomp’s Fortress. I am really shocked at all the things I have heard and seen but I am not certain that the painting thing is true. So yeah, that’s some of the stuff I know. And my hack, I am sorry but no screenshots yet. If you want to see some, please PM me on Youtube. But be patient, preview is coming tomorrow. ^_-

  7. Bosco

    Dudaw, i read what did you say. The project is for two, i mean, im helping too. and your never said what im helping too, and remember, im still in the project, the difference is that: you’re the programmer and cordinator, im the artist and 3D modeller.

    and don’t forget me please, because that would really offend me :(.

  8. monokoma Post author

    I’m happy to know that there are more people at work for this project, i cant wait to see the final version of the hack :) Do you think that you will be able to “remake” the original stairs in the castel entrance or to “remake” the snow level?

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