Dragonfly (Pilot Wings) [Beta – SNES]

From 1989 to 1990, the Super Famicom (SNES) was showcased with a series of game prototypes. One of these was a flight simulator known as Dragonfly. Dragonfly’s purpose was to showcase the capabilities of the console’s Mode-7 technology. Eventually Dragonfly became the fully released game known as Pilotwings, developed by Nintendo EAD.

Initially, Dragonfly was a 3-dimensional shooter in which the player controlled a dragonfly capable of shooting various objects. This version was visually different from Pilotwings, but utilized the same basis of being a Mode-7 flying game.

In later presentations to showcase the Super Famicom, Dragonfly made appearances, but its theme was changed from a 3-dimensional shooter to a flight simulator. Still called “Dragonfly” at the time, this beta demo was much closer to what eventually became Pilotwings.

Description by Bryan