Painkiller: Hell Wars [PSP – Cancelled]

Painkiller: Hell Wars is a cancelled FPS that was in development in 2006 by czech studio Mindware Studios (which also developed Painkiller: Overdose and a spiritual successor, Dreamkiller), that would have been published by DreamCatcher Interactive for the PSP. The original Painkiller was released in 2004 for PC and in 2006 a port titled “Hell Wars” was published for the Xbox, but the PSP one would have been different from the other versions. As we can read in a Gamespot preview from E3 2006:

The game’s content appears to be mostly new, with new monsters, weapons, and levels, as opposed to Hell Wars for the Xbox, which was mostly a port of existing PC content.

Sadly Painkiller Hell Wars was never released for the PSP: only few images  and a trailer are available, but the ingame scenes dont seem to be from the PSP version. It’s currently unknown how much of the game was completed before its cancellation.

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