Onimusha [Playstation 1 – Cancelled]

Capcom officially announced Onimusha for the Playstation 1 in April 1999 and Japan release date was planned for Winter 1999. Name of the game was Onimusha: Demon Warrior. Mpx manage to find one page prescreen in EDGE. I haven’t played PS2 Onimusha but according to article, plot is same as in released version. Engine is Resident Evil 2 engine and its stated that in Japanese launch preview only one level was available. According to EDGE release date for game was Christmas (Japan). According to wikipedia: The PSX version of Onimusha was about 50% complete before it was cancelled.

Here is link to “rumor” about Onimusha switching to PS2. At Tokyo Game Show 1999. Capcom offical announced that Onimusha became PlayStation 2 videogame. Tentative release date was summer 2000. Here are more info from IGN.

Here is something important: Capcom on that TGS released 3 videos of PSX version: Intro CG, Battle montage and Puzzles and battles. I cant find this videos only. According to GIA: Of particular interest is the introduction movie, highlighting some of the most realistic human figures ever seen in computer-generated FMV.

Here is information about game from GIA. They is some wrong info that Onimusha started as N64 game which is false.
Here is PlayStation Dengeki preview of game from 1999 scanned by Kid Fenris
Thanks a lot to mpx for the article!

Thanks to Xan124 and mpx for the link to the videos!