Dorque & Imp [SNES – Cancelled]

Dorque & Imp is a cancelled platform that was in development by Norse (a swedish gaming studio) for the Super Nintendo. Akumu from the Lost Levels Forum translated a swedish preview  in which we can read some more info on the project:

2 of the worlds are completed. When Power Player catches up with the team of programmers, they are already hard at work to finish up the demo that will be shown in England. Peter shows us how far they are come. He has 100 000 command lines which helps him to quickly change the enviroment on the screen. He is programming in assembler, and can in principal cut and paste artifacts and backgrounds from the pictures that Jim has created in a image software program.

We could assume that Norse did not find a publisher interested in Dorque & Imp, and after the studio released Legend of Myra (for PC), it seems that they had to close down. In May 2011, 3 playable beta levels from an incomplete version of Dorque & Imp were shared and preserved online. You can find them in here:

World 1 (“the forest”):

World 2 (“The mines”):

World 3 (“The palace/heaven”):

Thanks to Saga Darvulia for the contribution and to Peter Waher for sharing some playable levels from their lost project! If you are a collector, you can buy an official cart of Dorque & Imp to play on your SNES thanks to Piko Interactive.