Meowth’s Party

Meowth’s Party [GC – Tech Demo]

This Tech Demo was shown in August 23, 2000 at the Spaceworld convention as a video, along with a Legend of Zelda game and Metroid game. The game was not as graphically impressive as other titles being shown, but unlike many other titles, Meowth’s Party was interactive. The game showed many Pokemon from the original Pokemon Red and Blue versions as well as a few characters from Pokemon Gold and Silver versions.

Many people believed that the demo was showing off a Pokemon game in development for the Gamecube, but later on the creators and developers may have decided to keep it as a demo instead of a full-fledged game because the idea of the game was not well received. However, one of the songs from a commercial for Meowth’s Party was featured in Pokemon Channel. There may have been several characters from the actual anime involved in the game. – [info from Wikipedia]