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StarFox Armada / Assault [GC – Proto / Beta / Unused Stuff]

Star Fox: Assault was first announced on May 8, 2002. It had a tentative release date of April 2003 for Japan, and would be developed by the same employees who worked on Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies at Namco. New information about the game didn’t show up until a short video montage at 2003’s E3 in Los Angeles, which showcased the game’s first-person perspective.

During development, the game had three working titles: Star Fox Armada, Star Fox 2, and Star Fox. It eventually came to be known as Star Fox: Assault. [Infos from Wikipedia]

In 2003, the game was intended to be multiplayer oriented and was rumored to have a LAN mode too, but sadly it never did.  If you play the game you can almost feel that there is more content in the multiplayer mode, with more stuff to unlock. Most of the missions in the single player are the same arenas used in multiplayer, with a touch of story.  There was going to be a coop-mode for the Adventure mode, but sadly it was cut.

In these screens and video, we can see an early version of the game, with inferior graphic,  Aparoids from level 9 seen in level 2, different text, slightly different character design and HUD.  It’s interesting to notice that the Star Fox Armada Project was going to have an arcade version too, as it happened with F-Zero GX. The arcade version of Armada was never released and we can only wonder which kind of differences it could had.

Also a Unused Game Over music has been found by Gabrielwoj, it is the same Game Over Music of Star Fox 64, see video below!

Update: New video of the E3 Trailer (the other one was deleted, enjoy this one)

Thanks to bydolord and Gabrielwoj for the contribution!




StarFox 64 – Lylat Wars [N64 – Beta]


During the early stages of development, Starfox 64 (Lylat Wars in Europe) looked very different from the final version. The level design was much more meager, lots of details, from the textures to the polygonal backgrounds, were much simpler and more blurred. Some enemies were slightly different, the HUB on the screen (energy, radar, maps etc..) was changed  various times before reaching the final version.

italian_flag.jpg [spoiler /Clicca qui per la versione in Italiano/ /Nascondi la versione in Italiano/]Durante le prime fasi di sviluppo, StarFox 64 (Lylat Wars in Europa) appariva molto diverso dalla versione finale. Il level design era molto più scarno, tantissimi particolari, dalle textures alla costruzione poligonale, erano molto più semplici e approssimativi. Inizialmente gli sfondi erano inesistenti e come in diversi titoli dei primi anni del N64, una strana nebbia riempiva le zone più lontane. Anche alcuni nemici erano leggermente diversi, le icone a schermo (come quella dell’ energia dell’ accelerazione, il radar, le mappe ecc.) sono evolute in diverse fasi, prima di arrivare quella definitiva. [/spoiler]

[Thanks to D-vide for some of the images!]