Killzone (Kin) [PSX PS2 – Beta / Target Render]

Killzone is a FPS developed by Guerrilla Games (known as Lost Boys before) and released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2. It seems that the project was originally planned to be a Playstation 1 shooter titled “Kin”, but after Sony saw their tech demo in 1999, they asked to Guerrilla to switch it to the new console. Below you can see the original Kin / Killzone pitch video, that Lost Boys created 5 years before the final release. This footage was shown at the GDC Europe in August 2010 during a keynote by Hermen Hulst, Managing Director of Guerilla Games. As you can notice, the game and the characters looked a lot different, but we are not sure if the video was still related to the PSX project or it was already changed into a PS2 title.

Thanks to Unclejun for the video (from the Killzone Collector’s Edition) and to Killzone for the link to the GDC Europe article!




Killzone 2 [PS3 – Beta]

Killzone 2 is a FPS for the PlayStation 3, developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. As we can see in a very early Killzone 2 multiplayer video from 2006 , the beta version had tons of changes from the final game. Some of the changes include very early maps with differed layouts and themes.

The m80 has a red dot sight and a grenade launcher, the Helghan weapons have white muzzle flashes as in the first game. The way you see your gun in your hands is different and the graphics are nowhere near as polished. It appears that classes haven’t been implemented into the game yet and both sides only have 1 character model. Probaly the biggest and most noticeable difference is that there are drivable vehicles, which are not available in the final games multiplayer.

Thanks to Earthwormjim for the contribution!