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The Stalin Subway 3 (B-Cool Interactive) [PC – Cancelled]

The Stalin Subway 3 (codenamed Metro-3) is a cancelled First-Person Shooter developed around 2009 by B-Cool Interactive and published by Buka Entertainment, exclusively for the PC. It was going to be the third installment of The Stalin Subway‘s franchise. The setting of the games takes place in the 50s, in Moscow, where the player take the role of a member of the KGB who must investigate various plots within the Soviet communist party.

The existence of this game was, just like Los Angeles Guerilla 2040, revealed by former developer Eugene Duranin on his old blog. Only some concept arts, 3D models and glimpse of gameplay are preserved below to remember its existence. We can speculate that it would have been similar to the previous games, but it looks like, by seeing the concept arts, that it was going to take a more futuristic approach in its art design.

The title was cancelled with the closure of B-Cool Interactive in September 2009, alongside Los Angeles Guerilla 2040 and the sequel of Scorpion: Disfigured.

If you know someone who worked on The Stalin Subway 3 and could help us preserve more screenshots, footage or details, please let us know!




Los Angeles Guerilla 2040 (B-Cool Interactive) [PC – Cancelled]

Los Angeles Guerilla 2040 is a cancelled military First-Person Shooter developed by Ukrainian studio B-Cool Interactive in 2009, exclusively for PC. As suggested by the title and the trailer, the game was set in the year 2040, in Los Angeles, where the player had to rescue an American spy pilot held prisoner by the Chinese army after the latter took control of 9 states in the west of the United States of America, following a serious economic crisis.

The existence of this project was revealed on the old blog of one of the co-founders of B-Cool Interactive, Eugene Duranin, explaining the short time they had to make the trailer:

It is latest B-COOL’s product. L.A. Guerilla 2040 (trash, VERY LOW-BUDGET shooter) was under developement from May 2009 (June in the fact) til August 2009. This trailer was created for Köln Game Exhibition.

We (me, Maxim Rodionov and Sergei Tishenko) made it in one week (including capturing and game levels set-up – game was only 2 months old, but THEY wanted gameplay).

B-Cool Interactive had to shutdown their office back in September 2009, causing the cancellation of numerous games, including a sequel to their only available title Scorpion: Disfigured. Other cancelled project was Metro-3, the third game of The Stalin Subway‘s franchise, for Russian publisher Buka Entertainment.



Showdown: Scorpion [PC – Cancelled]

Showdown: Scorpion is a cancelled FPS in development around 2005 by B-Cool Interactive, planned to be published by Akella for PC in 2007. It was set in a cyberpunk future, where you could use guns, technology and even paranormal skills to fight your way against sci-fi soldiers and zombie-alike monsters.

showdown-scorpion-bcool-interactive-cancelled (29)

IGN played the game at E3 2007:

“Tucked away on the E3 showroom floor was Scorpion: Showdown, a first-person shooter from Akella. Set in the 2040s, this game puts you behind the sights of about 15 weapons and sets you lose on a land filled with bats, zombies, beasts and soldiers. You’ll get updates on the mission from a woman named Anna, but other than her, you’re on your own.

We got to take Scorpion through a flooded warehouse today, and as we ducked beneath scaffolding and blasted man-eating zombies, it was clear Akella was going for a jump-out -and-scare-you feel. Filled with dark corners and creepy monsters, there were plenty of opportunities to crap your pants, but you could always arm your night-vision goggles or flashlight.”

.. and also GameSpot were able to play the same demo:

“Showdown: Scorpion seems to be a fairly straight-ahead shooter. There are supposedly two methods to the madness here: Either you can proceed stealthily and attack your enemies with silenced weapons, or you can go to town with a number of modern and futuristic weapons if you wish to just blow some stuff up.

The weapons here are, at least in the section that we saw, a fairly normal group of pistols and machine guns, including a slightly advanced model of the venerable AK assault rifle family. There are going to be some wackier weapons on hand, though, such as the quote-unquote “gravity gun,” which shoots out a ball of gravity that violently repels anyone near the center of the explosion away from it. In addition, the genetic experimentation that was performed on you will let you enter a bullet-time state to slow down your enemies, a la Max Payne, or even in some cases psychically dominate your enemies and force them to fight for you.”

This was meant to be B-Cool’s first project, but it seems it was too much for a small team. In the end Showdown: Scorpion was cancelled. Some models were later reused for Scorpion: Disfigured, which was a different game despite a similar title and look. B-Cool was closed in 2009, with many more canned projects such as a “Scorpion” sequel, Metro-3 (third game in The Stalin Subway series for Buka Entertainment) and Los Angeles Guerilla 2040.

Thanks to Daniel Nicaise for the contribution!