The Stalin Subway 3 (B-Cool Interactive) [PC – Cancelled]

The Stalin Subway 3 (B-Cool Interactive) [PC – Cancelled]

The Stalin Subway 3 (codenamed Metro-3) is a cancelled First-Person Shooter developed around 2009 by B-Cool Interactive and published by Buka Entertainment, exclusively for the PC. It was going to be the third installment of The Stalin Subway‘s franchise. The setting of the games takes place in the 50s, in Moscow, where the player take the role of a member of the KGB who must investigate various plots within the Soviet communist party.

The existence of this game was, just like Los Angeles Guerilla 2040, revealed by former developer Eugene Duranin on his old blog. Only some concept arts, 3D models and glimpse of gameplay are preserved below to remember its existence. We can speculate that it would have been similar to the previous games, but it looks like, by seeing the concept arts, that it was going to take a more futuristic approach in its art design.

The title was cancelled with the closure of B-Cool Interactive in September 2009, alongside Los Angeles Guerilla 2040 and the sequel of Scorpion: Disfigured.

If you know someone who worked on The Stalin Subway 3 and could help us preserve more screenshots, footage or details, please let us know!



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