Los Angeles Guerilla 2040 (B-Cool Interactive) [PC – Cancelled]

Los Angeles Guerilla 2040 (B-Cool Interactive) [PC – Cancelled]

Los Angeles Guerilla 2040 is a cancelled military First-Person Shooter developed by Ukrainian studio B-Cool Interactive in 2009, exclusively for PC. As suggested by the title and the trailer, the game was set in the year 2040, in Los Angeles, where the player had to rescue an American spy pilot held prisoner by the Chinese army after the latter took control of 9 states in the west of the United States of America, following a serious economic crisis.

The existence of this project was revealed on the old blog of one of the co-founders of B-Cool Interactive, Eugene Duranin, explaining the short time they had to make the trailer:

It is latest B-COOL’s product. L.A. Guerilla 2040 (trash, VERY LOW-BUDGET shooter) was under developement from May 2009 (June in the fact) til August 2009. This trailer was created for Köln Game Exhibition.

We (me, Maxim Rodionov and Sergei Tishenko) made it in one week (including capturing and game levels set-up – game was only 2 months old, but THEY wanted gameplay).

B-Cool Interactive had to shutdown their office back in September 2009, causing the cancellation of numerous games, including a sequel to their only available title Scorpion: Disfigured. Other cancelled project was Metro-3, the third game of The Stalin Subway‘s franchise, for Russian publisher Buka Entertainment.



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