Project Alien [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

In August 2004, High Moon Studios (at that time still known as Sammy Studios; owned by Sammy Japan) started to work on a title codenamed “Alien”. After Sega was acquired by Sammy Japan, Sega took control over Sammy’s North American studios. As a result, they tried to close Sammy Studios.

However, Sammy Studios got independent and reappeared under the name “High Moon Studios”. Sadly, Project Alien was cancelled in August 2005.


Alien 64 [N64 – Cancelled]


We don’t really have any information about it, but it is likely that Alien 64 was a remake or a sequel of Alien Trilogy, a tie-in released in 1996 for psx, saturn and pc. The game was inserted in some release lists for the Nintendo 64, but there was never an official announcement, thus even the authenticity of the screenshots in this page is debatable, because they could be just mock-ups or pics from Alien Resurrection, another playstation title. It could also be possible that some of the assets of the cancelled nintendo 64 version were later reused for Resurrection.

[English article by yota]