Shadowman [Beta – N64/PSX/DC/PC]

ShadowMan is an action adventure game developed by Acclaim Studios Teesside and published by Acclaim Entertainment. It was designed by Guy Miller and Simon Phipps. It is loosely based on the Shadowman comic book series published by Valiant Comics and was released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64, Sony PlayStation, Sega Dreamcast and PC. [Info from Wikipedia]

In the gallery below you can see a series of beta screenshots from a very early version of the game: the 3D model of the main character was still incomplete and different from its final one, the tree looked nothing like the final ones and even the scenario shown in these images seems to have been removed or changed in the released game. Probably Acclaim worked a lot on the game, to create a title that was really good for its time.

Below you can also see a video from a leaked early beta demo of  ShadowMan:

For anyone interested here’s a very early shadowman demo from 1997, its really basic, has differerent models/ sounds to the game. If you burn it to a disc and run it you get to here the ingame audio,
* To start press space on title page
* space to jump cursers to move
* W – wireframe on/off
* H – get lighter
* Y – get darker
* R – respawn
* F6 – free cam on
* F5 – Free cam off
* esc – to quit

 for best results burn it to a CD and run it from there

Credit to the following pages:
There you can find some of the original developers of the pc game, as Tim Haywood (composer of the awesome music of the game) and Trevor Storey (game designer)
It´s a forum create by Tim Haywood, good things in there.

As BO3000B wrote as a comment to the beta video on Youtube:

I just recently played through it and don’t really recognize anything in this video. Louisiana is the only part that looks vaguely like the final game. This must’ve been really early in development.



Extreme G [N64 – Beta / Tech Demo]


Extreme G was just one of the many “extravagant” racing game that were released on the Nintendo 64. Developed as an alternative to F-Zero and Wipeout, the game was created by Probe Entertainment and published by Acclaim. When it was announced, some early pictures were released to show the graphic of the project. The 2 original screens are probably taken from a tech demo / target render, as the graphic is much more defined than the final version.

The other images are taken from a Beta version: we can see in the bottom left of the screen, some debug bars, used by developers  to check the 3D engine parameters, such as the effort of the CPU and fluidity. The game still lacked many of the on-screen HUD, the speed was indicated with a needle and simple colored bars, while the lap-time was occupying too much of the screen.

italian_flag.jpg [spoiler /Clicca qui per la versione in Italiano/ /Nascondi la versione in Italiano/]Extreme G è stato uno dei tanti racing game stravaganti che ha potuto vantare il Nintendo 64. Sviluppato come alternativa a F-Zero e Wipeout, il gioco è stato creato da Probe Entertainment e pubblicato da Acclaim. Quando fu annunciato, probe diffuse alcune immagini del gioco, per mostrare lo stile del suo nuovo progetto. Le 2 foto iniziali sono tratte probabilmente da un tech demo, creato su hardware più potente rispetto ad un normale Nintendo 64 e la grafica è molto più definita della versione finale. Le altre foto sono tratte dalla versione Beta vera e propria: possiamo infatti notare, in basso a sinistra, le barre di testing, usate dai programmatori per tenere controllati alcuni parametri del motore 3D, come lo sforzo della CPU e la fluidità. Mancavano ancora molte delle indicazioni su schermo, l’indicatore della velocità era segnalato da un semplice ago con barre colorate, mentre il tempo del percorso sembrava fin troppo grande e fastidioso, occupando parte della visuale. [/spoiler]




Extreme G 2 [N64 – Beta]


Extreme-G 2 is the second Extreme-G game to be released on the Nintendo 64, developed by Probe Entertainment for Acclaim. In these early screens we can notice some beta differences and graphic details. Thanks to Mucus for the list!

The Difference Of The Beta Version And The Original Version:

  • The Track Canous In The Beta Version Appears With No Snow, Looks Likes A Desert With Rocks
  • In The Beta Version You Can Use The Opponent Bike”s
  • Different HUD
  • Different Texture Of Sensara
  • Different Aquanor Level

Thanks to playertw02 for some of these images!


Ultra Soccer / Acclaim Sports Soccer [N64 – Cancelled]


Acclaimsports Soccer, also know as Ultra Soccer, was a sport game that was in development at Probe Entertainment (the same team behind Xtreme-G) in 1997 / 1998 and was going to be published by Acclaim. The game was later cancelled, probably because of quality standards or because of problems with the Quagmire Engine.